Get your Wheels Winter Ready!

With winter just around the corner, Auto Medics – alloy wheel specialists in Buckinghamshire, wanted to help you know how to get your wheels winter ready.

Alloy Wheels Buckinghamshire

Winter brings  with it the need to salt roads in order to prevent accidents in icy conditions. None of us can complain about this, safety is of the utmost priority, however the damage to alloys can prove severe. At worst, galvanic corrosion can cause long lasting damage, usually by infecting stone chips or kerb damage already occurring in your wheels, and rapidly advancing to corrode the alloy when salt from the road comes into contact.

There are ways in which you can attempt to prevent such damage, these include:

  1. Cleaning and protecting your wheels thoroughly before winter sets in and applying an appropriate wheel sealant.
  2. Clean alloy wheels weekly throughout winter with a gentle wheel cleaner to remove traces of road salt and brake dust that can aid corrosion during the colder months.
  3. Consider alloy wheel refurbishment if your alloys are damaged, this will prevent salt getting into the cracks and crevices and prevent corrosion from setting in.

 Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Buckinghamshire

Auto Medics – alloy wheel refurbishment experts in Buckinghamshire, specialise in alloy wheel refurbishment, we repair wheels that have been affected by stone chips, kerbing and corrosion.  Our professional team restore alloy wheels to the best standard possible. We can also advise on how to protect your alloys further during the icy winter months.

Alloy wheels are an investment in your vehicle and we understand how important they are to those of you that really value your motors. We ensure our prices are competitive and guarantee the quality of our work is first class.

For alloy wheel refurbishment in Buckinghamshire, contact Auto Medics before the colder, icy weather kicks in. Call 01494 533 534 or drop by for a chat, we can assess the damage and provide a no obligation quote to refurbish your alloys.