SMART Repairs at Auto Medics

At Auto Medics, we understand that damaging your car is massively inconvenient. These days if you damage your motor, you have to consider whether calling your insurance company is worth losing your no claims bonus and facing the prospect of an insurance premium hike come renewal time.  And that’s why we’re here, about to turn a lose-lose into a win-win. DON’T CALL THEM… read on and you’ll see why.

We offer SMART repair, ‘SMART’ meaning Small and Medium Area Repair Technique. This is a convenient service that means we can visit you at your place of work or at your home to repair damage, and what’s more you won’t lose your car for days on end as SMART repairs are always completed quickly within the same day.

Let’s be more specific, SMART repairs include damage such as small dents, bumper scuffs, scratches and kerbed alloys. SMART repair means quality repairs and cost efficient prices especially when compared to what you will lose when roping in your insurance company.

If you’re desperate to get your pride and joy looking spic and span or you’re looking to get a good price when you come to sell your current motor, SMART repair is definitely for you. For more information get in touch with Auto Medics in High Wycombe on 01494 533 534.

Car Accident Repairs High Wycombe

car accident repairs high wycombeAt Auto Medics, we know that there’s more to fixing cars than booking in a repair job. Our highly skilled and compassionate team understands how traumatic it can be to be involved in a car accident, whether you’ve sustained injuries or suffered shock from the whole ordeal, which is why we take care of our customers sensitively and offer all the help we can, from collecting vehicles that are unable to be driven after an accident to offering a free courtesy car while we repair your vehicle.

When you entrust your vehicle to Auto Medics we can guarantee your car is in safe hands. We employ only the best technicians to repair your vehicle, undertaking  minor damage such as scuffs and scratches to major repairs. We work hard to ensure your car is returned to you looking as good as it did the day you bought it and what’s more we offer competitive prices. We offer a mobile SMART repair service or can collect/deliver your vehicle using our brand new collection and delivery truck for your convenience. All repairs are completed efficiently to the highest possible standard with the fastest turnaround possible. If you are looking for a customer focussed repair centre, call Auto Medics on 01494 533 534, we won’t let you down.

Check out a summary of the car repair services we offer to our customers in and around High Wycombe:

Bumper scuffs Paint damage Alloy wheel refurbishment Diamond cut alloys Interior repairs Machine polishing / buffing Dashboard and trim repairs Window tinting Full body resprays Dent & scratch removal Valeting service Fleet maintenance MOT & Servicing Collection/Delivery Free courtesy car SMART repair Tyres Batteries Body repairs Wiper blades Bulbs

Auto Medics – Car Repair Specialists in High Wycombe

car repair specialists high wycombeAuto Medics based in High Wycombe are well aware that all too frequently your vehicles suffer stone chips, dents and scratches to the bodywork, bumper, and trims, and it’s not just the bodywork that suffers but also your alloys. This type of damage can mean expensive visits to your local body repair shop, with the added inconvenience of leaving your motor there overnight or even longer in some circumstances. At Auto Medics, this isn’t the case…

Auto Medics is a family run business, where we carry out small, medium and large repairs to all types of cars and vans. For your convenience, if required, we even throw in a courtesy car, availability allowing. For added convenience we offer a mobile service for SMART repairs in and around High Wycombe, which means one of our expert technicians will come to you at a time and place that suits you, be it at your home or workplace, and they will carry out the repair work while you get on with your day.

We offer quality repairs at competitive prices. More often than not you will find us less expensive than if you were to pay out for your insurance excess; and certainly less expensive than the inevitable premium hike when you come renew following that claim you made.

At Auto Medics there’s no job too small. We are a full car body shop and the services we offer at our car body repair shop in High Wycombe include:

  • Alloy wheel refurbishment
  • Diamond cut alloys
  • SMART repair
  • Mobile SMART repair
  • Interior and Trim repairs
  • Tyres
  • Valeting
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • MOTs and Servicing

Car Repair Specialists High Wycombe

If you find yourself requiring our services, we’re open weekdays from 8am until 6pm. For more information about the car repair services we offer get in touch with a member of the friendly Auto Medics team today on 01494 533 534.

Mobile SMART Repair High Wycombe

mobile smart repair high wycombeAuto Medics are a car body repair shop in High Wycombe, we offer a professional, mobile SMART repair service. SMART repair means Small to Medium Area Repair Technique and is the recommended way of repairing minor damage while protecting the value of your vehicle. At Auto Medics, our technicians take extreme pride in the work they carry out on your car to ensure you are presented with a flawless finish.

SMART Repair High Wycombe

SMART repair was initially founded as a solution for cosmetic damage ensuring fast, economical and environmentally friendly repair. Utilising processes such as paintless dent removal, SMART repair focuses on efficiently fixing minor damage to the body of your vehicle.

At Auto Medics, our mobile service team provide immaculate vehicle repair in and around High Wycombe utilising SMART repair techniques. With our mobile SMART repair service we can repair your car on your driveway, at your place of work or from our body shop in High Wycombe. We have fully qualified technicians working from fully equipped vans to complete SMART repairs quickly, efficiently and conveniently.

Body Shop High Wycombe

Get in touch with us at Auto Medics in High Wycombe if your vehicle is in need of SMART repair. Our mobile SMART repair service in High Wycombe includes bumper repair, alloy wheel refurbishment, interior trim and plastics, scuffs, scrapes and paintwork damage. If you would like more information about Auto Medics mobile SMART repair service, or require a free no obligation quote call us on 01494 533 534.

Car Paintwork Repair High Wycombe

paintwork repair high wycombeAuto Medics are here to bust the myth that damage to your car’s paint work costs the earth to repair! We can confirm that it doesn’t and therefore such damage need not affect your no claims bonus or insurance premium.

Paintwork Specialist High Wycombe

First things first, if your car has been tagged with graffiti try washing your car with warm soapy water as some paint types are water soluble. Those that aren’t can sometimes be partially removed if the paint hasn’t dried completely. If you decide to Google DIY methods to remove graffiti it’s likely you will be inundated with removal options, however, be careful about applying such remedies to the paint work of your vehicle as many suggested solutions can cause further damage to the paint work of your car.

Professional repair does not cost as much as you might think… Shelling out for your insurance excess and inevitable insurance premium hike can often cost more than if you had come straight to Auto Medicsbody repair specialists in High Wycombe.

Paintwork Repair High Wycombe

Our car body repair shop in High Wycombe boasts fully qualified and skilled paint work technicians available to repair paint work damage caused accidentally or by vandals throwing stones or bricks, scraping with keys or spraying graffiti.

For SMART repairs such as paint work damage, we offer a mobile service, which means we come to a place convenient to you at an agreed time.  We ensure we will use the right method to have your car paint work looking as good as new and where paint work is required our technicians ensure an exact colour match.

Should you find yourself in need of a paint work expert at competitive, affordable prices, get in touch with Auto Medics, paint work repair specialists in High Wycombe, call us on 01494 533 534.