Keep Your Motor’s New Paintwork Looking Fresh

Car Paintwork High WycombeRecently had your vehicle resprayed? It’s looking pristine, but how do you get it to stay that way?

Cars are subjected to corrosive elements every day, making the upkeep of your stunning new paint job a real challenge. But never fear, by getting yourself into a maintenance routine, you can keep your motor looking its best.

Wash your motor regularly

It’s vital to wash any corrosive substances from the paintwork of your car as soon as possible. Bird droppings, splattered insects, tree sap, plants and fruits can lead to the corrosion of your paintwork if not cleaned ASAP.

Cleaning your car on a weekly basis can help avoid corrosion of your paintwork. Hand washing is preferable to ower washing, using a mild cleaning agent recommended for use on car paintwork, plus soft sponges and cloths.

Wax it up

Waxing your car will protect its paintwork, as it seals the top coat of paint. Twice a year is thought to be enough, particularly for cars kept in garages. Every 4 months is another suggestion, especially if your car is left outside to face the elements. To check whether the wax is still doing its job see if rain drips off the paintwork. If so, the wax is working to protect your paintwork from the elements, if not, it’s probably time for a touch-up.

Polish out scratches

For very light scratches you can use a polish that contains microfine abrasives. These gently clean the surface of the paint without causing damage.

For scratches that run a little deeper, it is best to have these removed by professionals, like the team here at Auto Medics. We repair paintwork and ensure colour matching for the make and model of your motor.

Does Your Motor Need A New Lick of Paint?

When you bring your motor to Auto Medics for a respray, we always ensure cars are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for all paint restoration jobs. If your cars looking a bit off colour, bring it down to our car repair body shop in High Wycombe and we’ll restore it to its former glory.

For more information about our affordable services and efficient turnaround time, contact us on 01494 533 534 or email

Car Resprays High Wycombe

Thinking of getting a car respray? Auto Medics are here with the things you need to consider before in your respray.

  1. Hire a Professional

Unless you are a car pro with the know-how, a good space to work, the correct equipment and safety equipment then you should leave your paint job to the professionals, not only do we know how to deliver the perfect finish fast and effectively but we are also aware of the health and safety and environmental implications involved with the process and how to deal with them.

  1. Shop around

It is vital to do your homework before enlisting someone to respray your motor. Avoid hiring the cheapest, nearest, easiest option. You need to locate someone with expertise and precision. Obtain a range of quotes, take a look at their premises and ask for references or check out motors they have resprayed.

  1. Repair

For the best finish possible a respray needs to be done on a surface that is as smooth and flat as possible. This means having dents, scratches and scrapes removed before respraying your vehicle.

  1. Prep

There’s skill involved in prepping a car before work commences. It’s important to get the prep right or it can be costly to fix. Experts will take off removable elements that don’t require painting, and mask windows, lights, trim, alloy wheels and so on with due care and diligence.

  1. Process

Vital to the success of your car’s respray, once the above has been considered, are the following basic steps:

  • Ensuring the correct paint colour is chosen.
  • Stripping the current paint.
  • Etch priming and priming.
  • Rubbing down before applying a top coat and lacquering.
  • Rubbing down before buffing and polishing.

The time and skill that go into these steps have been acquired by professionals and built up through vigorous training and years of practice.

We take pride in ensuring every customer is satisfied with the end result, for more information about car resprays get in touch with the professional team at Auto Medics on 01494 533 534.