Lease Car Repairs – How to Avoid Being Fined

lease car repair high wycombeWhen you hire a lease car it is your responsibility to return your lease car in a good condition as it will undergo an inspection when your contract ends. If there is any damage to your car that is deemed as excessive wear and tear, such as paintwork scuffs or alloy wheel damage, it’s likely you will incur a penalty charge for the damage to be repaired.

Charges by such leasing companies can often be on the expensive side, which is why Auto Medics, car body repair and alloy wheel refurbishment specialists in High Wycombe, are here to tell you that repairing this type of wear and tear can cost you less if you bring your lease car to us at the end of your contract.

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The BVRLA, that’s the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association, have created guidelines to help you assess what is considered fair wear and tear to a lease vehicle. In summary:

  • The lease car should be returned in a roadworthy condition
  • Lease cars should be serviced as directed by the manufacturers service schedule, with appropriate evidence
  • The lease car should be in a clean condition ready for a thorough inspection

Unacceptable damage is classified as the following:

Windscreen: Holes, chips and cracks, with scratches in the driver’s line of sight

Wheels: Uneven tread wear, scoring or damage to the wheel surface or side walls

Wing Mirrors: Missing, damaged or cracked wing mirrors

Bumpers: Broken paintwork, cracks and dents

Bodywork: Impact damage, stone chips, scratches over 25mm that have exposed bare metal, primer or rusted and multiple dents on a single panel

Decals: Damage caused by the removal of badges and advertising

Interior: Burns, tears, stains or damage caused by fitting equipment

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Now that you have the lowdown on what you are likely to incur penalty charges for it’s time to take action if you have sustained any of this damage to your lease car. Simply get in touch with the team at Auto Medics and we will give you a competitive cost that will certainly beat the fine you will incur if you return your damaged car to the leasing company. Contact our body shop in High Wycombe on 01494 533 534.