Protect your Vehicle from Paint Damage

At Auto Medics, we specialise in rectifying paint damage at our auto body shop in High Wycombe. We know how much you take pride in the appearance of your motor, and the frustration you feel when its paintwork is less than perfect, so we thought we’d offer some advice on how to protect your vehicle from the everyday hazards that can impact how brightly your car shines.

Don’t Mess with the Birds – the unsightly appearance of bird mess on the surface of our vehicles is something most of us want rid of immediately, its grainy texture and acidity can tarnish and scrape your paintwork.  Using a soft microfiber cloth dampened with car wash, softly wipe away the bird droppings in an upwards lifting motion to avoid the gritty texture scraping the surface of your car.

Beware of Bugs – with summer approaching, we become faced with the influx of bugs that often end up splattered across the front of motors. Many motorists make the mistake of disregarding these splattered bug as harmless, which is a mistake as the bodies of bugs are actually acidic and if they are not removed promptly the imprints of these bugs can become impressed into the top layers of your cars paintwork. With swift action you can protect your paintwork by washing the off straight away by applying a bug and tar remover to a soft cloth and a good dose of elbow grease.

Drinks and Driving Don’t Mix – spilling caffeinated drinks such as coffee onto the surface of your car can damage the finish of your car and alter the colouring when it dries. Deal with it instantly using a soft cloth to wipe away the spilt liquid and then wash the area with soapy water.

Trees can Sap the Shine – parking under a tree can leave your car covered with patches of tree sap. It often proves difficult to remove and can permanently damage the paintwork of your car. Wipe it away as soon as possible using a soft wet cloth with a specialist polish or rubbing compound. Then wash the area with soapy water until no traces of sap remain.

These are just a few things that can affect the appearance of your paintwork, the elements, eggs, fuel, even skin can all impact its appearance. Protecting the finish of your car can be helped by frequently washing and waxing your motor. If you find that your motor has sustained paint damage you’re unable to repair, get in touch with the expert team at Auto Medics on 01494 533 534.