Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels & Repair

These days many cars come fitted with diamond cut alloys, the latest must have wheel finish. It is easy to identify a diamond cut alloy as they are super shiny and look like the back of a CD. Auto Medics are specialists is diamond cutting alloys; a very skilled process that is produced using a diamond tipped lathe to remove a thin layer of alloy from the wheel, with the wheel then being lacquered to produce the overall effect.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment High Wycombe

You might read that diamond cut alloys are more prone to corrosion than other alloys. This is not true. If any wheel is damaged and the lacquer broken water can get in and lead to corrosion. A corroded diamond cut wheel will have a cloudy appearance.

When it comes to the refurbishment of diamond cut alloys, there is a limited number of times diamond cut wheels can undergo refurbishment, eventually too much of the alloy wheel is removed.  Usually wheels can only be diamond cut 1-2 times as any more and the wheel can become weak and compromised.

Diamond Cut Wheels High Wycombe

A diamond cut alloy can only be refurbished by a bodyshop that has the right specialist equipment and expertise. At Auto Medics, we have both the technology and the skill, and will expertly diamond cut your alloys to ensure your wheels look great. For more information about diamond cut alloy wheels and repair in High Wycombe, get in touch with the Auto Medics team on 01494 533 534.


Auto Medics Diamond Cutting Wheels in High Wycombe

At Auto Medics, we pride ourselves on delivering first class work and ensuring a fast turnaround. We are especially passionate about the diamond cut alloy wheel service we offer and we think you will be too. Check out what one satisfied customer had to say about us on our Facebook page:

“I would like to thank Phil and the team of AutoMedics for the outstanding service over the last 3 years while I’ve had a wheel and tyre insurance with my Juke. I had a terrible experience with a company that made a total mess of my Diamond Cut Alloy once so I thought I’d try out these guys. Well I’ve never used anyone else since. Such a friendly team, great value and a courtesy car every time so it doesn’t stop me getting around for a few days. So I would highly recommend this company for all your Alloy wheel repairs.” ~ Abigail October 25th 2018

If you’re looking to enhance the look of your motor then diamond cut finishes are proving very popular; involving the removal of a thin layer of alloy from the wheel, we use a specialist lathe. We apply a specialist lacquer to complete the finish and prevent corrosion, leaving the wheel with an extremely shiny finish, similar to that of the back of a CD. While diamond cutting wheels can only be performed a few times, the result is highly favourable.

If you’d like to know more about diamond cut alloys, get in touch with the friendly team at Auto  Medics on 01494 533 534.

AutoMedics: Diamond Cutting Wheels in High Wycombe

If you’re looking for the ultimate look for your wheels this new year, we highly recommend checking out diamond cut wheels. Diamond cut wheels are achieved using a specialist lathe to machine the face of the wheel to accomplish a polished two-tone finish. Diamond cutting can sometimes be referred to as diamond turning. We, at Auto Medics in High Wycombe, offer the increasingly popular diamond cutting service.

Manufacturers are increasingly supplying diamond cut wheels on new cars but if you aren’t in the market for a new motor at present, we are one of the few body shops in High Wycombe and surrounding areas that have the capability to help you achieve the desired look our diamond tipped lathe produces.

If you have diamond cut wheels already, we can also offer a first class alloy wheel refurbishment service that will return your wheels to their original pristine condition if the elements have started to take their toll.

For more information about diamond cut wheels or to book in your wheels for our diamond cutting service call us at Auto Medics on 01494 533534 or drop in to our body shop in High Wycombe.

Diamond Cut Alloy Specialists High Wycombe

Check out the fantastic work we do here at Auto Medics in High Wycombe. We took this Mercedes AMG alloy and put our diamond cutting machine to good use:

You see this is how the alloy looked before we waved our magic wand, so to speak…alloy wheel refurbishment high wycombe








Now see the magic we can do with our diamond cut lathe…

diamond cut alloy specialists high wycombe







Alloy Wheel Refurbishment High Wycombe

If your alloys could do with some attention, be sure to get in touch with us at Auto Medics in High Wycombe. We are the only diamond cut specialists in High Wycombe to offer you such a professional finish. Drop by or call us on 01494 533 534.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in High Wycombe

alloy wheel refurbishment in high wycombeAt Auto Medics, based in High Wycombe, we specialise in alloy wheel refurbishment. As anyone that values their motor knows, alloy wheels means the value of your vehicle can increase significantly, however they can also be costly. That’s why we want to tell you about the benefits of our alloy wheel refurbishment service.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment High Wycombe

The cost of alloy wheel refurbishment is much less than a brand new set of alloys. Often customers drop in to ask about new alloys believing their existing alloys are irreparable. Usually we are able to save our customers the cost of a new set of alloys by setting our expert alloy wheel refurb specialists to work on your current alloys. Our specialist team are extremely capable of repairing some of the worst damage your alloys have sustained.

An added benefit of alloy wheel refurbishment is that repairing your alloys before deciding to sell your car will increase the price you get for it, and not only does alloy wheel refurbishment save you money, it will also enhance the performance of your vehicle and its brakes.

Alloy Wheels High Wycombe

If you think you’re in need of a new set of alloys, bring your motor down to Auto Medics in High Wycombe. Our alloy wheel refurbishment experts will work their magic and save you money. We also offer a mobile alloy wheel refurbishment service in and around High Wycombe, for more information give us a call on 01494 533 534.

Diamond Cut Alloys South Bucks

The team at Auto Medics High Wycombe are experts in diamond cut alloys; with our own specialist lathe we are one of the only body shops in the local area offering precision diamond cut wheels.

Customers are coming from across South Bucks and beyond to have their wheels expertly diamond cut by our skilled technicians. What’s more, we offer diamond cut alloys at competitive prices, beating those offered by a main dealer.

We believe a diamond cut finish is the optimum finish, with our specialist lathe we provide precision machine cutting, ensuring the perfect result each and every time.

Diamond Cut Wheels South Bucks

So if you’re looking for a reputable company in the South Bucks area for diamond cut alloy wheels, make sure you’ve got Auto Medics number – 01494 533534 – Or drop in to our body shop in High Wycombe, where one of our highly skilled technicians will offer professional advice and expertly refurbished alloys.

To see the amazing results we deliver to our customers check out our Facebook page for before and after shots.

Alloy Wheels: The Lowdown

diamond cut wheels high wycombeAt Auto Medics we know that damage to your alloy wheels can spoil the appearance of your car. We also understand that replacing a set of alloy wheels can be extremely expensive. That’s why we recommend you visit our experts who will advise whether it’s possible to restore your alloys, not only to improve the appearance of your motor but maintain the market value.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment High Wycombe

There are many ways alloy wheels can sustain damage, commonly kerb damage is the culprit, but corrosion or discolouration through misuse of chemicals are also issues we, at Auto Medics, are fully experienced in rectifying.

Corrosion occurs when protective layer of your alloy becomes damaged leaving your wheel exposed to the elements. During cold and frosty weather like we are experiencing at present, salt from the roads will work to aid corrosion.

Diamond Cut Wheels High Wycombe

When a diamond cut alloy suffers a stone chip or scratch, corrosion will follow the pattern of the entire wheel corroding your alloys and causing the lacquer to flake off.

While initially damage to your wheel maybe cosmetic, left long enough corrosion can cause the wheel to fail. To avoid shelling out a small fortune to replace your alloy wheels, get in touch with the diamond cut alloy specialists at Auto Medics in High Wycombe. Contact us on 01494 533 534 or drop by for a chat and we’ll get you booked in.

Maintaining Diamond Cut Wheels

diamond-cut-wheels-high-wycombeEarlier this month we looked at the benefits of diamond cut alloys, here we want to give you some insight into how you can keep diamond cut alloys well maintained.

Diamond Cut Alloys High Wycombe

During the creation of diamond cut alloys they are first painted the required shade and then baked in an oven. When they are dry the wheel is mounted on a specialist lathe and the alloy is machined to achieve the diamond cut pattern, which is then lacquered to protect and complete the look.

The lacquer does not mean that the diamond cut alloy is protected from all types of damage. If you scuff or dent the wheel it may damage the alloy and if the lacquer is damaged  water may get  under the lacquer and stain the metal, which is hard to repair without stripping off the lacquer and skilled specialist help

Diamond Cut Wheel Maintenance High Wycombe

There is a trend amongst car enthusiasts to clean their wheels with spray solutions. If you do please check the spray first as acids in some of these sprays can weaken the lacquer and increase your chance of corrosion. The safest way to extend the life of your diamond cut wheels is to clean them with a pH neutral wheel cleaner. Avoid cleaning with acid or alkaline based wheel cleaners as these can often cause discolouration or corrosion when used excessively.

The dedicated enthusiasts often to choose to avoid drying with a towel or cloth, as threads can get caught on the alloy, and to use a hair dryer to ensure they are dried completely. In our opinion it’s not an essential step. In reality the key is to dry off any cleaning solution thoroughly and not to leave anything that could potentially react with the lacquer on too long.

For the ultimate protection against corrosion and staining you can make use of ceramic sealants, which can last up to two years. Be mindful however that even these won’t fully protect your diamond cut alloys should you incur damage in the form of stone chips or scuff your wheels against a curb or pothole. Anything that allows salt to find its way under the coating, attaching itself to the bare metal, will then lead to corrosion.

It’s important that if using ceramic sealants you have this professionally applied as it may require careful application and machine polishing to get it right. If an issue with the surface is sustained this can be difficult to treat in the future.

At Auto Medics we recommend the home enthusiast uses a good  wheel wax or  polymer sealant because these require less experience and can be removed so that areas that require maintenance can be accessed easily should you not apply it perfectly first time.

For further information and advice on diamond cut alloys, get in touch with the alloy wheel refurbishment specialists at Auto Medics on 01494 533 534.