Check out Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels in High Wycombe

diamond cut alloys in high wycombeWe talk about Diamond Cut Alloys a lot on our blog because not only are we one of the only diamond cut alloy specialists in and around High Wycombe but because we are the best and we are proud of the work we produce.

Check out the Auto Medics Facebook page for some of the spectacular images of diamond cut wheels completed by the Auto Medics team; giving wheels like yours this desirable, pristine finish. This sought-after finish can only be achieved with our specialist lathe, so if you’ve been meaning to give your wheels a refresh then get in touch with our team in High Wycombe on 01494 533 534.

Our Facebook page showcases what we are capable of and the feedback our customers give based on the first class work we carry out on their treasured vehicles. If you’re looking for a reason to choose Auto Medics, head over to Facebook and we guarantee our work will speak for itself.

The Lowdown on Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

diamond-cut-alloy-wheels-high-wycombeAt Auto Medics, we are experts in refurbishing and polishing diamond cut alloy wheels at our car body repair shop in High Wycombe.

What is Diamond Cutting?

Diamond cut alloy wheels are often painted before being put on a specialist lathe, where part or the entire surface is machined producing a shiny finish. Once this process is complete lacquer is applied to prevent corrosion.

If you are looking to get your alloy wheels refurbished it is important to know whether your alloys are diamond cut or not. To identify diamond cut alloy wheels check whether they have a smooth, shiny finish with visible grain lines in the metal where they have been turned on the lathe, the effect is often described as resembling that of a CD.

Diamond Cut Alloys High Wycombe

Drop in to our car body repair shop in High Wycombe or send us a photo if you’re unsure whether your alloys are diamond cut or not. We will professionally advise you of the best process for your alloy wheels and provide a competitive, no obligation quote to complete the required work.

Due to the process of diamond cutting alloy wheels requiring a specialist lathe, refurbishment of diamond cut alloys needs to take place at our repair shop and cannot be carried out through our mobile alloy wheel refurbishment service in and around High Wycombe.

For more information about diamond cut alloy wheel repairs in High Wycombe, contact Auto Medics on 01494 533 534, we are here to help. Our expert technicians operate a specialist diamond tipped lathe in order to fully refurbish your diamond cut wheels.