Had a Car Accident? Auto Medics Will Help with your Insurance Repairs

If you have had a car accident, you might not be aware that you have the choice of where to send your car for repairs once you’ve called your car insurance company. At a time when you are potentially injured/traumatised by an accident it can feel as though you are rushed through the claim process without having enough time to consider what you are agreeing to.

Here at Auto Medics, we carry out car insurance repairs. And bringing your car to us won’t invalidate your insurance, your claim will still go through in the same way. All you need to do is let us know you require an insurance quote and we will prepare this for you to issue to your insurance company.


It’s likely your car insurance company will remove the offer of a courtesy car if you choose to disregard their suggested garages but here’s a list of reasons to choose Auto Medics for car insurance claims in High Wycombe:

  • For your convenience – if you live in or around High Wycombe, Auto Medics are in an easy to reach location.
  • Because we are a friendly, professional business you can place your trust in – our customers are always happy with the work we carry out, our pricing is fair and we go out of our way to make the process quick and easy for our customers.
  • We offer a free courtesy car for the duration of your car repairs. Simply let us know that you require a courtesy car when discussing your repairs.
  • We ensure your car is repaired and returned in a safe, roadworthy condition.

Ultimately, we, at Auto Medics, have an excellent reputation for auto repairs. Repairing anything from scratches and scuffs to major accident repairs. In the opinion of our customers, we are the preferred car body repair shop in and around High Wycombe for car repairs.


All you need to do before booking your accident repairs into Auto Medics is to read the terms & conditions of your insurance policy for any hidden clauses. We will then provide a quote that you can forward to your insurance company and once approved the rest is in our safe hands.

If you have had a car accident get in touch with Auto Medics for car repairs in High Wycombe on 01494 533 534.

Reasons to Drive safely in Autumn

There are a number of reasons that driving in Autumn can be unexpectedly more dangerous than in any other season. Weather conditions can be unpredictable and accidents can happen.

As summer becomes autumn, the glare from the sun in the morning and late afternoon can become troublesome for drivers and extra care needs to be taken to see oncoming vehicles or pedestrians. And although beautiful, autumn leaves falling from trees not only cover roads but hide potholes that unsuspecting motorists then hit. Also, when it rains these leaves become wet and increase the likelihood of skidding unexpectedly.

As schools go back and evenings get darker there’s more traffic on the roads and pedestrians to watch out for, not to mention busy farmers operating heavy machinery as they harvest their crops.

When driving at dusk on in the darkness there’s greater need to keep an eye out for wildlife crossing roads near woodland areas as they forage for food and migrate.

So, to avoid accidents that autumnal conditions can bring upon us, it’s advised that you:

  • Keep to speed limits and slow down where visibility is reduced.
  • Ensure the tread of your tyres is appropriate to help avoid slipping in wet conditions.
  • Remain a safe distance from the car in front of you.
  • Keep your windscreen clear and ensure your wipers don’t need replacing.
  • As the evenings get darker remember to use put your lights on to ensure you can see and be seen.

Accident Repairs High Wycombe

Should you find yourself involved in an accident and require repairs to your motor, get in touch with the highly skilled team at Auto Medics on 01494 533 534. We carry out accident repairs in High Wycombe and can even offer you a quote for your insurance company if required.

Extend the Life of your Car – Keep It Clean

Keeping your car clean can significantly extend the life of your motor, but all too often car paintwork needs to be repaired due to unnecessary neglect. Such repairs could be avoided if a car was washed or cleaned regularly.

The problem with letting your car remain dirty is that grit and dirt lead to increased wear and tear and accelerates corrosion.

  • In winter, salt from gritted roads is a leading cause of corrosion
  • Leaving bird mess on your car also proves disastrous for paintwork
  • Stone chips left unnoticed will cause corrosion to spread
  • Dirt and dust can leave paintwork dull

Cleaning your car needn’t be a chore; while automatic car washes aren’t necessarily the answer due to the fine scratches that can be left by the stiff brushes, there are numerous car cleaning services that will clean your car inside and out for you. However it’s more economical to clean your yourself. To do so:

  • Use a cleaning solution meant for cars
  • Dry the car with a chamois
  • Polish paintwork at least once a year
  • Attend to stone chips swiftly to prevent corrosion

Body Shop Repairs in High Wycombe

We are Auto Medics, a car body repair shop based in High Wycombe. We undertake all car body repairs, from minor damage such as scuffs and scratches to major repairs, paint jobs and alloy wheel refurbishment. And if you can’t clean your car yourself we do offer a valeting service. For more information, get in touch with Auto Medics on 01494 533 534.

Our Resolution to You, Our Customers

At Auto Medics, we like to think we offer the whole package, quality repairs, value for money and superior customer service.

As our existing customers know, we take a great deal of personal interest in making sure our car body repair shop customers receive outstanding service at competitive prices. However, we are also aware that car repairs up and down the country are rarely as low cost as everyone would like them to be, which is why our offering revolves around quality and service also and we endeavour to provide a service that is convenient to our customers, with offerings of free courtesy cars where available and minimal repair times.

We are confident you won’t be disappointed in the high standard of quality car repairs the Auto Medics team delivers. Operating from our fully equipped body shop in High Wycombe, we complete jobs, large and small, to the highest possible standard within efficient delivery times.

Car Repairs High Wycombe

We can boast that our customers come from far and wide for the quality service and friendly customer service we offer when they bring their cars to us. Just today we had a Lamborghini in from outside the High Wycombe area for all four wheels to be refurbed in gloss black. But Lamborghini or Fiesta, we hope you understand that our resolution to you is not to simply offer you, our customers competitive prices but also the highest level of service and exceptional quality to ensure your car is presented in the pristine condition you desire. We resolve to be on hand to discuss the issues you know we can help with concerning your motor, so feel free to contact us on 01494 533 534 or simply drop in.

Auto Medics: Car Body Repair Services

Here at Auto Medics, we offer a  full car body repair shop based in a prime location in High Wycombe. Our highly skilled technicians, are extremely qualified to fix any damage to your motor. Our team of specialist technicians undertake car body repairs including anything from minor damage, scuffs and scratches, to major repairs.

No Job To Small

As a full car body shop in High Wycombe, we offer the following services:

Car Body Repairs including full body respray

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment, including colour changes

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

Interior Trim Repairs

Valeting Service

MOTs & Servicing

Tyres Supplied & Fitted

Fleet Maintenance

Car Body Repairs High Wycombe

Our car body repair shop in High Wycombe employs experienced technicians, extremely qualified to fix damaged motors. We are a professional outfit, fully established car body repair specialists in High Wycombe, providing exceptional customer service.

If your car or van is in need of repairs whether for minor damage, or major repairs, we ensure your car comes back to you looking as good as it did before. Give us a call on 01494 533 534 for more information about how we can help.

Auto Medics: Making Life Easier for our Customers

At Auto Medics, we aim to put the convenience into car repairs; that’s why we offer free courtesy car/van hire (subject to availability when you book in your motor). Our prices and turnaround time often make it unnecessary to go through your insurance following an accident. Don’t call them, save yourself, time and money, avoid the inevitable premium hike upon renewal and come straight to Auto Medics, car body repair shop in High Wycombe.

Ben booked his motor in and he had this to say on our Facebook page on June 15th 2018:

“Got told my car would be gone for 2 days and had it back within a day, the service was done quick and had my car looking as fresh as when I 1st bought it.”

Mobile Car Body Repairs High Wycombe

At Auto Medics we carry out an array of car body repairs from diamond cut alloys and alloy wheel refurbishment to full body resprays and interior repairs. For added convenience we offer a mobile service, which means we can come to you at your home or place of work and carry out the repairs there and then, which offers the added bonus of you not losing your car for a few days.

If you’re looking for customer friendly service with a smile get in touch or for more information about what we can do for you, check out our website or call us on 01494 533 534.

Auto Medics on Facebook

Check out the Auto Medics Facebook page if you’re looking for more information about what we do here at our car repair body shop in High Wycombe. Here you will find reviews, images of the work we do and all the latest news about the services we provide.

Today we’ve had another 5* review on our page from Kayleigh, she had this to say :

“Couldn’t recommend these guys enough! Someone had vandalised my car, pulling off my front bumper so I went down to Auto Medics. As soon as I got there I was immediately seen by Phil who sorted it all out for me and gave me a courtesy car to tide me over till the job was done. Very courteous, polite and honest. Thanks guys!”

If your motor is in need of a repair job check out our Facebook page and have a look at some of the projects we have successfully completed. Why not give us the thumbs up if you like what you see.

Auto Medics offer the following:

  • Diamond Cut Alloys
  • Bumper Scuffs and Dent Removal
  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
  • Tyres (supplied and fitted)
  • SMART Repair
  • Full Body Respray
  • Machine Polishing & Buffing
  • Interior and Trim Repairs
  • Window Tinting
  • Valeting
  • Body Kit Repairs & Fitting
  • MOTs & Servicing
  • Battery, Wipers and Bulb Replacement

For more information get in touch with Auto Medics, car body shop in High Wycombe on 01494 533 534. Alternatively drop by for a chat about your needs, we’re always here and happy to help.


Auto Medics – No Job too Big, No Job too Small

car repair body shop high wycombeIf you are looking for first class car repairs within your budget look no further than your local car repair body shop in High Wycombe, Auto Medics.

We are a full car body shop specialising in:

  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment including diamond cut alloys
  • Full mobile repair service
  • Interior and trim repairs
  • Valeting service
  • MOTs & servicing
  • Tyres supplied & fitted
  • Fleet maintenance

Of course we don’t expect you to take our word for how exceptional our service is, check out what our customers have to say about us here.

Nicole posted these kind words after we sorted her alloys at the end of last year:

“Just picked up my Audi A4 after having my alloys done. They had been done before I bought the car and it was a massive botch job. I brought them to Auto Medics who could not have been more helpful. They had to be stripped right down and redone. Less than a week later they took the car in for 4 and a half days and I am delighted with the results, they look brand new out of the shop!! Very reasonable price for the 19inch alloys I had also!! Would recommend these guys highly. The man I dealt with (who I presume is the boss) was lovely and very professional !! Even glued my door handle for me. Thanks guys”

If you’re in need of car repairs in High Wycombe get in touch with our friendly, efficient team at Auto Medics on 01494 533 534.

Why Choose Auto Medics for Car Body Repairs?

car body repair high wycombeAt Auto Medics, car body repair specialists in High Wycombe, we understand that many of you, as car owners, treat your cars as prized possessions, taking care of them to ensure they are well maintained, which is why when your pride and joy gets damaged, your stress levels can rise!

All vehicles sustain wear and tear, from natural causes such as the weather or simply time and the aging process, to collisions and vandalism. While disheartening, there’s no need to despair, get in touch with us, the friendly team of experts at Auto Medics. As a reputable body shop in High Wycombe we can achieve remarkable results, and we believe you will be surprised at how affordable our costs are.

Car Body Shop High Wycombe

Auto Medics are passionate about returning your car to its former glory, guaranteeing pristine results you will be amazed by. Our team of fully trained technicians are here for all your car body repair and customisation requirements.

Our dedicated team at Auto Medics High Wycombe provide the following services:

  • Dent & scratch removal
  • Full body re-sprays
  • Alloy wheel refurbishment
  • Interior and trim repairs
  • Valeting service
  • Tyres – supplied and fitted
  • MOTs & servicing
  • Mobile repair service
  • Fleet maintenance

Car Body Repairs High Wycombe

So, if you are feeling disheartened following a scrape or collision contact us at Auto Medics, car body repair shop High Wycombe, and we guarantee we will have your car looking as good as new in no time. For more information or a free no obligation quote, drop in and see us or call 01494 533 534.