Get Your Car Ready For Summer

The sun is shining giving us as taste of summer, which is why it’s prime time to start thinking about getting your car ready for summertime. Especially if you plan on taking long road trips, because hot temperatures like we saw across the UK last year can be tough on cars. Auto Medics, car body repair shop near Beaconsfield, are here to share important car maintenance tips to ensure your car and you don’t overheat in the summer sun.

But first let’s focus on some of the damage you can do if you avoid simple car maintenance necessities.

  • Consistent use of the cooling system and air conditioning can strain it to its limit.
  • If you get stuck in summer getaway traffic, frequent stop-starting proves hard on the engine, transmission and brakes.
  • Performance can be significantly reduced by the dirt and dust that inevitably clogs the engine filters.
  • Plus hot weather in dry, dusty conditions can accelerate aging of some major features of your motor, including your tyres and drive belts.

So, in order to avoid causing costly damage to your vehicle, follow this simple checklist to ensure your car is road safe before you drive off into the sunset on that dream vacation.

  • Check your Tyres – check the tread of your all your tyres is road legal and ensure tyre pressure is as recommended by the car manufacturer.
  • Test your Air Conditioning – no one wants to overheat in the summer sun, so run your air conditioning to check it actually blows cold air. If you notice weird smells and/or noises get it checked by an expert to ensure there’s not a leak or a need for a good clean.
  • Pop the Bonnet – check your battery for corrosion; check your oil and coolant levels and top up if they are low; check other components such as belts and hoses for signs of wear and tear and if anything seems worn get them checked by a professional.
  • Test your Brakes – if you notice stopping distances lengthening or strange noises or vibration don’t avoid getting your car checked by a mechanic.
  • Inspect your Lights – clean the exterior of your lights and replace any bulbs that no longer work.
  • Replace Windscreen Wipers – if you struggle to see properly when it’s raining and the wipers are going it’s time to change your wipers, also don’t forget to fill your washer fluid from time to time, summer is the optimum time for dusty, bug splattered windscreens.

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Wherever you’re off to on your travels this summer there’s no excuse not to carry out these simple checks. Happy travels, and remember to check into Auto Medics if you ever find yourself needing any of our car body repair services.