COVID-19 Lockdown: How to Keep your Motor Roadworthy

Car Body Repairs High WycombeAt Auto Medics, we are available to collect and return your vehicle if your motor requires essential body work repairs. This ensures you stay safe and follow the Governments recommendations during the COVID-19 lockdown while ensuring the upkeep of your motor.

Lockdown Car Body Repairs High Wycombe

If you are uncertain of the rules surrounding using your car during this period or worried about how to keep your motor roadworthy, Auto Medics are here to clarify.

You should only drive your car for the reasons specified by the Government, these instances are limited to:

  • Unavoidable travel to and from your workplace
  • Shopping for essentials
  • Medical purposes

COVID-19 Lockdown

This means that our cars could be left unused for an indefinite period of time, which can cause problems when it comes to needing to drive again. In order to keep your car roadworthy for essential trips the following tips should help you through lockdown:

  • Maintain your car battery:
    • Start it up once a week and let it run for approximately 15 minutes
    • This will help increase the battery’s charge as well as circulate oil and fuel around the engine.
    • Avoid turning your car on and off quickly as this can cause issues for the starter motor.
    • Never leave your car running unattended.
  • Maintain the brakes of your car
    • Left for a long period brake discs can start to corrode eventually leading to them seizing up and requiring the attention of a mechanic.
    • To avoid this roll your car back and forth a few metres now and again.
    • This will also help prevent your wheels developing flat spots and your hand brake from sticking.

If your car MOT is due during lockdown, you should also be aware that from 30 March 2020 a 6 month extension period has been granted.

When you next need to drive your car, if it’s been a while since you last did so be sure to check the following to ensure your car is safe and roadworthy:

  • Fluid levels including oil, engine coolant, brake fluid and screen wash.
  • Gently try your brakes when setting off
  • Check lights are all working
  • Check tyres have required tread and are appropriately inflated.

Car Body Shop High Wycombe

Garages and body shops like Auto Medics remain open for essential repairs. We have a collect and return service in place across High Wycombe and surrounding areas to prevent you needing to break Government instructions to stay home.

If you find yourself in need of car repairs during the COVID-19 lockdown, Auto Medics, car body repair specialists in High Wycombe, offer a sanitary service with the offer of a free courtesy car equipped with gloves. We are observing the 2 metre distancing rule and handing over keys in a plastic bag.

For more information about our services to support anyone needing car repairs during the Coronavirus lockdown get in touch with Auto Medics at their car body shop in High Wycombe on 01494 356 778. Discounts are available to NHS staff and those classified as key workers throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

We hope you take care as you go about your day and stay safe, while adhering to the rules as extended by the Government earlier this week. Together as a community we will get through this.

COVID-19 Lockdown: Free Collection & Delivery of Courtesy Cars & Customer Vehicles

Car Body Repairs High WycombeAuto Medics have been classified as exempt from closure by the Government. This is because we need to keep cars belonging to NHS and key workers on the road by carrying out car body repairs in and around High Wycombe. Therefore, we are open for crash repairs and buckled alloy wheel repairs.

We can confirm that we offer a clean, sanitary home delivery service, including a free courtesy car fully equipped with gloves and thoroughly disinfected. Key handover will be managed using a plastic bag and observing the distancing rule to handover at 2 metres apart. We will collect your car and take it back to the Auto Medics body shop for repair. Regardless of how big or small the job, we are proud to support you throughout this difficult time and keep you on the road.

This free delivery and collection service is extended to everyone. You don’t need to break the lockdown rules and leave the house as we will come and collect your vehicle. What better time for anyone on lockdown to have their motor repaired, when there’s limited need for using it.

We can guarantee that extreme hygiene measures are in place to ensure everyone’s safety at all times. We will be offering discounts to all NHS staff and those classified as key workers during this period.

Please take care as you go about your day and stay safe, while adhering to the rules put in place by the Government this week. Together as a community we will get through this.

Auto Medics – Car Body Repairs High Wycombe

For more information about the support we are offering throughout the Coronavirus lockdown get in touch with the team at Auto Medics on 01494 356 778.


First Class Diamond Cutting Service High Wycombe

diamond cutting service high wycombeAuto Medics in High Wycombe offer a diamond cutting service. Diamond cutting is a very skilled service using a specialist lathe. Many cars these days come with diamond cut alloys. You can identify diamond cut wheels by the very fine lines upon close inspection and the shiny appearance.

Diamond Cut Alloy Refurbishment High Wycombe

There aren’t many body shops in High Wycombe who can boast the technical skills or specialist equipment we have when it comes to diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment, nor do they have the exceptional reviews and customer service we offer. Using our specialist diamond tipped lathe we can create a high quality shiny finish (similar to that of the back of a CD), with a fast turnaround time too.

Diamond cutting requires a thin layer of alloy to be removed from the wheel using the lathe. This can only be carried out a couple of times as eventually too much of the alloy would be removed. Diamond cut wheels can be susceptible corrosion, at Auto Medics we always ensure these are lacquered to prevent corrosion for as long as possible.

Check out our Facebook page for example of our first class diamond cutting service in High Wycombe.

Auto Medics – Car Body Repairs High Wycombe

During these uncertain times where social distancing is recommended due to the Coronavirus, Auto Medics are trying to do our best to accommodate the concerns you may have by offering a service in and around High Wycombe whereby we come and collect and return your vehicles. If you fall ill and have car body work booked in we are also more than happy to offer the same service. For more information get in touch with the friendly team at Auto Medics on 01494 533 534. In the meantime please stay safe, healthy and sane, and we will keep accommodating your vehicle repair needs.


Auto Medics – The Automotive Repair Centre in High Wycombe

Automotive Repair Centre High WycombeIf you’re looking for a trusted automotive repair centre in High Wycombe, Auto Medics is the place!

You only need to check out our Facebook or Google reviews to know we are the right choice for your car body work repairs…

“Just picked up my car from them (Auto Medics). They repaired some damaged bodywork. The work is superb, they cleaned the car inside and out, loaned me a car while the work was being carried out and their prices were reasonable too. Very friendly too. Would recommend them.” 5 stars by Karen via Google reviews

“Just collected my Merc from Auto Medics. What a fantastic job with a difficult metallic paint colour. Great service and a spotless new courtesy car for the few days they had mine. Great service and very highly recommended.” Mark via Facebook reviews

The services we carry out include and are not limited to:

  • Diamond Cut Alloys
  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
  • Body Damage Repair
  • Resprays
  • Interior and Trim Repairs
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Valeting
  • Courtesy Car*
  • Insurance work**

*We offer a free courtesy car where necessary when carrying out repairs to your motor, subject to availability, so make us aware of your needs when booking your vehicle in with us.

**When you bring your motor to us following an accident make us aware if you need a quote for your insurance company as this is something we will happily undertake for you.

Automotive Repair Centre High Wycombe

Auto Medics is a family run business; we carry out minor or major repairs to all makes of cars and vans. All to frequently motor vehicles suffer stone chips, dents and scratches to their bodywork, bumpers and trims, as well as scuffs and scrapes to alloy wheels. At Auto Medics we make automotive repairs convenient by cutting out the middle man to make our services cost effective for our customers. We employ a dedicated team of technicians, a friendly, professional bunch ready to answer any questions you might have. For more information, drop in and see us or give us a call on 01494 533 534.

Does your Motor Need a Spring Clean?

Every new season brings new car maintenance issues to consider; following the long, cold winter it’s time to address the issues that wintry weather can cause your motor.

The Auto Medics checklist includes:

  • Checking fluid levels

Winter causes your car to work harder, utilising more screen wash and other engine fluids than any other season typically. Now spring is here take time to check your fluid levels and top up where required.

  • Replace your windscreen wipers

Windscreen wipers get a lot of use in winter but can be needed just as much or more during spring, if your wipers are squeaking when in use or your windscreen just isn’t getting clean, it’s definitely time to get them replaced.

  • Get your suspension and wheel alignment checked

Wintry weather brings with it chaotic road conditions, namely an increase in potholes, which is bad news for your wheels, tyres and suspension. Getting these all checked out by a professional can ensure your car is driving safely.

  • A good old fashioned clean inside and out

The winter months tend to see your car take a beating with wintry showers, frost, muddy puddles, muddy feet and lots more besides. Now that spring is upon us get your car professionally cleaned or take time to give your car a thorough wash, polish and wax on the outside and declutter, dust down, polish and vacuum on the inside.

Full Car Body Repair Shop High Wycombe

Getting your motor looking good for the warmer months is a matter of pride for any car enthusiast, if you need help maintaining your motor(s) we carry out alloy wheel refurbishment and diamond cut alloys, plus car body repairs, interior and trim repairs, valeting and fleet maintenance to name but a few. You can get in touch with Auto Medics in High Wycombe on 01494 533 534 for your full car body shop needs.

Auto Medics: Car Body Repair Services

Here at Auto Medics, we offer a  full car body repair shop based in a prime location in High Wycombe. Our highly skilled technicians, are extremely qualified to fix any damage to your motor. Our team of specialist technicians undertake car body repairs including anything from minor damage, scuffs and scratches, to major repairs.

No Job To Small

As a full car body shop in High Wycombe, we offer the following services:

Car Body Repairs including full body respray

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment, including colour changes

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

Interior Trim Repairs

Valeting Service

MOTs & Servicing

Tyres Supplied & Fitted

Fleet Maintenance

Car Body Repairs High Wycombe

Our car body repair shop in High Wycombe employs experienced technicians, extremely qualified to fix damaged motors. We are a professional outfit, fully established car body repair specialists in High Wycombe, providing exceptional customer service.

If your car or van is in need of repairs whether for minor damage, or major repairs, we ensure your car comes back to you looking as good as it did before. Give us a call on 01494 533 534 for more information about how we can help.

Another Satisfied Customer at Auto Medics, High Wycombe Body Shop

If you visit our Facebook page you’ll see we, here at Auto Medics, are inundated with 5 star reviews from satisfied customers pleased with the repair job we’ve carried out at our High Wycombe Body shop. Sophia’s review was no different after we spruced up the wheels and bumper of her motor, throwing in a free courtesy car as we do!

Thank you Phil and the team for another first class job on my wheels and bumper! The car looks like new. Amazing turn around too.
Thank you for the ‘executive courtesy car’, that was a nice touch!

At Auto Medics, there’s no job too big or small, we take them all on and deliver the results you want to see. So whether you’re looking for diamond cut alloys, need a full body respray or simply want your car valeted,  head down to our High Wycombe body shop and enlist your car in the safe hands of our highly skilled technicians, you won’t be disappointed.

Call us on 01494 533 534 or get in touch via our instant quote form online.

Alloy Wheels: Winter Survival Guide

Just as we were expecting spring, it looks as though winter will raise it’s cold and problematic head again. Let’s disregard the chaos it inevitably brings to the roads, schools and airports in this country and focus on how brutal it can be on our motors, specifically, alloy wheels.

The problem with snow and ice is that it creates the need for the gritters to come out and salt the roads, which from the perspective of safety is great, but galvanic corrosion and the long lasting damage to alloys is not so desirable.

You can take steps to protect your alloy wheels from the salty roads by cleaning your alloys thoroughly and using a wheel sealant. Following this it’s advisable on a weekly basis to clean your alloy wheels with a non-aggressive cleaner, removing all trace of road salt or brake dust. Leaving remnants of this kind can accelerate the process of corrosion in the winter months.

Of course, the effects of the elements take their toll you can always get help from us, here at Auto Medics. We specialise in alloy wheel refurb in High Wycombe restoring alloy wheels to the highest possible standard. We are also one of the only local body shops to be experts in diamond cut alloys.

The Auto Medics team recognise the pride you take in the upkeep of your vehicle and how invested you are in ensuring you take good care of it. That’s why we keep our prices competitive and the quality of our work first class.

Alloy Wheel Refurb in High Wycombe

If you’re in the neighbourhood, drop by and we can assess any damage to your alloys and provide a no obligation quote to refurbish them. For alloy wheel refurbishment in and around High Wycombe, contact the friendly team at Auto Medics or call 01494 533 534.


Free Courtesy Vehicles with Repairs at Auto Medics

courtesy car hire high wycombeIf your vehicle needs to undergo repairs that will leave you without a motor you need scour the fine print of your insurance documents and rely on your insurance company to provide you with a courtesy car; at Auto Medics, we offer a free courtesy car or van when yours is off the road.

Courtesy Car Hire High Wycombe

Subject to availability, a free courtesy car will be offered for the duration of any repairs undertaken on your vehicle by the team at Auto Medics – car body repair shop High Wycombe. This offer is not just extended to car owners but also van owners, because we like to ensure convenience for our customers while their vehicles are being repaired.

Make sure you discuss your requirements with us when you book your vehicle in for its repair job to allow us to confirm availability. Upon collection you simply need to fuel up and be on your way until you return to collect your vehicle.

Car Body Repair High Wycombe

So, whether you need a run around to get you from A to B or your business requires a van to haul equipment around, Auto Medics can help! Get in touch with us today for an affordable quote for your repair job and to book a courtesy car or van for the duration of your repairs. Call 01494 533 534 for more information or pop in to our High Wycombe body shop for a chat with one of our friendly technicians.

Car Care Tips from the Car Body Repair Experts at Auto Medics

car body repairs high wycombeEnsuring your car is maintained to the best possible standard mechanically and aesthetically can guarantee your vehicle fetches the highest resale value when you come to upgrade.

Car Body Repairs High Wycombe

Here, Auto Medics, car body repair experts based in High Wycombe offer car care tips to help you keep your vehicle in an immaculate condition.

  1. When giving your car a deep clean, remember those easy to forget areas such as alloys and the inside of your wheel arches.
  2. When cleaning your vehicle make sure clothes and sponges are clean to avoid rubbing dirt or grit into the paintwork.
  3. Polish your vehicle with a good quality coat of wax to protect your paintwork. Auto Medics offer a quality valeting service using first class products for private and corporate customers in High Wycombe.
  4. During winter when the roads are gritted, check your alloy wheels for signs of corrosion. Our experts at Auto Medics specialise in alloy wheel refurbishment in High Wycombe.
  5. On a regular basis give your car the once over to check for rust patches in order to avoid shelling out for a replacement bumper or panels. As a reputable body shop, we can take care of any cosmetic damage to avoid rust taking hold.
Alloy Wheel Refurbishment High Wycombe

At Auto Medics, we pride ourselves on providing quality car care, offering our customers the benefit of our years of experience. We offer car body repair and alloy wheel refurbishment, as well as interior repairs and valeting plus tyres, MOTs and servicing and fleet maintenance.

Contact our friendly team at Auto Medics – car body repair High Wycombe – for more information about our services or to establish how we can return your vehicle to its former glory.