AutoMedics: Diamond Cutting Wheels in High Wycombe

If you’re looking for the ultimate look for your wheels this new year, we highly recommend checking out diamond cut wheels. Diamond cut wheels are achieved using a specialist lathe to machine the face of the wheel to accomplish a polished two-tone finish. Diamond cutting can sometimes be referred to as diamond turning. We, at Auto Medics in High Wycombe, offer the increasingly popular diamond cutting service.

Manufacturers are increasingly supplying diamond cut wheels on new cars but if you aren’t in the market for a new motor at present, we are one of the few body shops in High Wycombe and surrounding areas that have the capability to help you achieve the desired look our diamond tipped lathe produces.

If you have diamond cut wheels already, we can also offer a first class alloy wheel refurbishment service that will return your wheels to their original pristine condition if the elements have started to take their toll.

For more information about diamond cut wheels or to book in your wheels for our diamond cutting service call us at Auto Medics on 01494 533534 or drop in to our body shop in High Wycombe.

Auto Medics on Facebook

Check out the Auto Medics Facebook page if you’re looking for more information about what we do here at our car repair body shop in High Wycombe. Here you will find reviews, images of the work we do and all the latest news about the services we provide.

Today we’ve had another 5* review on our page from Kayleigh, she had this to say :

“Couldn’t recommend these guys enough! Someone had vandalised my car, pulling off my front bumper so I went down to Auto Medics. As soon as I got there I was immediately seen by Phil who sorted it all out for me and gave me a courtesy car to tide me over till the job was done. Very courteous, polite and honest. Thanks guys!”

If your motor is in need of a repair job check out our Facebook page and have a look at some of the projects we have successfully completed. Why not give us the thumbs up if you like what you see.

Auto Medics offer the following:

  • Diamond Cut Alloys
  • Bumper Scuffs and Dent Removal
  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
  • Tyres (supplied and fitted)
  • SMART Repair
  • Full Body Respray
  • Machine Polishing & Buffing
  • Interior and Trim Repairs
  • Window Tinting
  • Valeting
  • Body Kit Repairs & Fitting
  • MOTs & Servicing
  • Battery, Wipers and Bulb Replacement

For more information get in touch with Auto Medics, car body shop in High Wycombe on 01494 533 534. Alternatively drop by for a chat about your needs, we’re always here and happy to help.


Auto Medics – No Job too Big, No Job too Small

car repair body shop high wycombeIf you are looking for first class car repairs within your budget look no further than your local car repair body shop in High Wycombe, Auto Medics.

We are a full car body shop specialising in:

  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment including diamond cut alloys
  • Full mobile repair service
  • Interior and trim repairs
  • Valeting service
  • MOTs & servicing
  • Tyres supplied & fitted
  • Fleet maintenance

Of course we don’t expect you to take our word for how exceptional our service is, check out what our customers have to say about us here.

Nicole posted these kind words after we sorted her alloys at the end of last year:

“Just picked up my Audi A4 after having my alloys done. They had been done before I bought the car and it was a massive botch job. I brought them to Auto Medics who could not have been more helpful. They had to be stripped right down and redone. Less than a week later they took the car in for 4 and a half days and I am delighted with the results, they look brand new out of the shop!! Very reasonable price for the 19inch alloys I had also!! Would recommend these guys highly. The man I dealt with (who I presume is the boss) was lovely and very professional !! Even glued my door handle for me. Thanks guys”

If you’re in need of car repairs in High Wycombe get in touch with our friendly, efficient team at Auto Medics on 01494 533 534.

Free Courtesy Vehicles with Repairs at Auto Medics

courtesy car hire high wycombeIf your vehicle needs to undergo repairs that will leave you without a motor you need scour the fine print of your insurance documents and rely on your insurance company to provide you with a courtesy car; at Auto Medics, we offer a free courtesy car or van when yours is off the road.

Courtesy Car Hire High Wycombe

Subject to availability, a free courtesy car will be offered for the duration of any repairs undertaken on your vehicle by the team at Auto Medics – car body repair shop High Wycombe. This offer is not just extended to car owners but also van owners, because we like to ensure convenience for our customers while their vehicles are being repaired.

Make sure you discuss your requirements with us when you book your vehicle in for its repair job to allow us to confirm availability. Upon collection you simply need to fuel up and be on your way until you return to collect your vehicle.

Car Body Repair High Wycombe

So, whether you need a run around to get you from A to B or your business requires a van to haul equipment around, Auto Medics can help! Get in touch with us today for an affordable quote for your repair job and to book a courtesy car or van for the duration of your repairs. Call 01494 533 534 for more information or pop in to our High Wycombe body shop for a chat with one of our friendly technicians.

Lease Car Repairs – How to Avoid Being Fined

lease car repair high wycombeWhen you hire a lease car it is your responsibility to return your lease car in a good condition as it will undergo an inspection when your contract ends. If there is any damage to your car that is deemed as excessive wear and tear, such as paintwork scuffs or alloy wheel damage, it’s likely you will incur a penalty charge for the damage to be repaired.

Charges by such leasing companies can often be on the expensive side, which is why Auto Medics, car body repair and alloy wheel refurbishment specialists in High Wycombe, are here to tell you that repairing this type of wear and tear can cost you less if you bring your lease car to us at the end of your contract.

Car Body Repair High Wycombe

The BVRLA, that’s the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association, have created guidelines to help you assess what is considered fair wear and tear to a lease vehicle. In summary:

  • The lease car should be returned in a roadworthy condition
  • Lease cars should be serviced as directed by the manufacturers service schedule, with appropriate evidence
  • The lease car should be in a clean condition ready for a thorough inspection

Unacceptable damage is classified as the following:

Windscreen: Holes, chips and cracks, with scratches in the driver’s line of sight

Wheels: Uneven tread wear, scoring or damage to the wheel surface or side walls

Wing Mirrors: Missing, damaged or cracked wing mirrors

Bumpers: Broken paintwork, cracks and dents

Bodywork: Impact damage, stone chips, scratches over 25mm that have exposed bare metal, primer or rusted and multiple dents on a single panel

Decals: Damage caused by the removal of badges and advertising

Interior: Burns, tears, stains or damage caused by fitting equipment

Body Shop High Wycombe

Now that you have the lowdown on what you are likely to incur penalty charges for it’s time to take action if you have sustained any of this damage to your lease car. Simply get in touch with the team at Auto Medics and we will give you a competitive cost that will certainly beat the fine you will incur if you return your damaged car to the leasing company. Contact our body shop in High Wycombe on 01494 533 534.

Tips to Help you Avoid Minor Damage to your Car

car body repair shop high wycombeAt some point in time most car owners are going to find a scratch or dent on their car. Auto Medics, car body repair shop High Wycombe, are here to offer you a few tips to help you avoid sustaining minor damage to your vehicle.

  • If you have a garage it’s advisable to park in it overnight, rather than park on the road, to avoid damage from other cars or passers-by. Ensure equipment inside your garage is well secured and unlikely to fall and scrape the paintwork of your vehicle.
  • When parking in public car parks choose a quieter area of the car park, where there’s reduced traffic flow to improve your chances of avoiding door dings or scrapes from passers-by.
  • Never park to close to other vehicles; always ensure there is enough room either side of you for drivers and passengers to get in and out of their cars.
  • Check out what the car next to you looks like. If there’s noticeable damage to the car, it might indicate that the driver does not take pride in their vehicle, therefore you might want to consider parking elsewhere.
  • Avoid getting too close to the side of the road when driving down narrow roads to avoid scratching your vehicle on stray branches or overgrown hedges.
  • Scratches can happen when keys, handbags or clothing items such as zips, jewellery, buttons and belts scrape the paintwork of your car, so avoid getting to close when wearing these items.

Car Body Repair Shop High Wycombe

Regardless of the measures you take to protect your car from sustaining minor damage, sometimes accidents do just simply happen. Not to worry, Auto Medics, car body shop High Wycombe, are equipped to remove dents and scratches from your paintwork and restore your car to its former glory. Get in touch with us today to find out more information about the range of services we offer to have your car looking as good as new. Call 01494 533 534 today to speak to a member of the highly skilled Auto Medics team.

Why Choose Auto Medics for Car Body Repairs?

car body repair high wycombeAt Auto Medics, car body repair specialists in High Wycombe, we understand that many of you, as car owners, treat your cars as prized possessions, taking care of them to ensure they are well maintained, which is why when your pride and joy gets damaged, your stress levels can rise!

All vehicles sustain wear and tear, from natural causes such as the weather or simply time and the aging process, to collisions and vandalism. While disheartening, there’s no need to despair, get in touch with us, the friendly team of experts at Auto Medics. As a reputable body shop in High Wycombe we can achieve remarkable results, and we believe you will be surprised at how affordable our costs are.

Car Body Shop High Wycombe

Auto Medics are passionate about returning your car to its former glory, guaranteeing pristine results you will be amazed by. Our team of fully trained technicians are here for all your car body repair and customisation requirements.

Our dedicated team at Auto Medics High Wycombe provide the following services:

  • Dent & scratch removal
  • Full body re-sprays
  • Alloy wheel refurbishment
  • Interior and trim repairs
  • Valeting service
  • Tyres – supplied and fitted
  • MOTs & servicing
  • Mobile repair service
  • Fleet maintenance

Car Body Repairs High Wycombe

So, if you are feeling disheartened following a scrape or collision contact us at Auto Medics, car body repair shop High Wycombe, and we guarantee we will have your car looking as good as new in no time. For more information or a free no obligation quote, drop in and see us or call 01494 533 534.

Find us on Facebook: Auto Medics – Auto Body Shop High Wycombe

body shop high wycombeIf you are looking for a car body shop in High Wycombe for expert body repairs, alloy wheel refurbishment or even valeting then look no further than Auto Medics.

At Auto Medics, we employ highly qualified staff who will ensure your car gets the repair job your car requires, guaranteeing you peace of mind that your vehicle is in safe hands.

Head over to our Facebook page and check out some of the projects we have undertaken, ensuring our customers are not only satisfied with our work but also guaranteeing they will return when they require our services in the future. Give us a Like if you are impressed by what you see.

Body Shop High Wycombe

The team at Auto Medics work quickly and efficiently to provide quality repairs. We can help if your car is in need of any of the following:

  • Bumper Scuffs and Dent Removal
  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
  • Tyres (supplied and fitted)
  • SMART Repair
  • Full Body Respray
  • Machine Polishing & Buffing
  • Interior and Trim Repairs
  • Window Tinting
  • Valeting
  • Body Kit Repairs & Fitting
  • MOTs & Servicing
  • Battery, Wipers and Bulb Replacement

For more information about our services or for a sensible quote, get in touch with Auto Medics, car body shop in High Wycombe on 01494 533 534. Alternatively pop in and see us for a chat about your vehicle’s requirements, we’re a friendly bunch and will be happy to help out.

Mobile SMART Repair High Wycombe

mobile smart repair high wycombeAuto Medics are a car body repair shop in High Wycombe, we offer a professional, mobile SMART repair service. SMART repair means Small to Medium Area Repair Technique and is the recommended way of repairing minor damage while protecting the value of your vehicle. At Auto Medics, our technicians take extreme pride in the work they carry out on your car to ensure you are presented with a flawless finish.

SMART Repair High Wycombe

SMART repair was initially founded as a solution for cosmetic damage ensuring fast, economical and environmentally friendly repair. Utilising processes such as paintless dent removal, SMART repair focuses on efficiently fixing minor damage to the body of your vehicle.

At Auto Medics, our mobile service team provide immaculate vehicle repair in and around High Wycombe utilising SMART repair techniques. With our mobile SMART repair service we can repair your car on your driveway, at your place of work or from our body shop in High Wycombe. We have fully qualified technicians working from fully equipped vans to complete SMART repairs quickly, efficiently and conveniently.

Body Shop High Wycombe

Get in touch with us at Auto Medics in High Wycombe if your vehicle is in need of SMART repair. Our mobile SMART repair service in High Wycombe includes bumper repair, alloy wheel refurbishment, interior trim and plastics, scuffs, scrapes and paintwork damage. If you would like more information about Auto Medics mobile SMART repair service, or require a free no obligation quote call us on 01494 533 534.

Car Paintwork Repair High Wycombe

paintwork repair high wycombeAuto Medics are here to bust the myth that damage to your car’s paint work costs the earth to repair! We can confirm that it doesn’t and therefore such damage need not affect your no claims bonus or insurance premium.

Paintwork Specialist High Wycombe

First things first, if your car has been tagged with graffiti try washing your car with warm soapy water as some paint types are water soluble. Those that aren’t can sometimes be partially removed if the paint hasn’t dried completely. If you decide to Google DIY methods to remove graffiti it’s likely you will be inundated with removal options, however, be careful about applying such remedies to the paint work of your vehicle as many suggested solutions can cause further damage to the paint work of your car.

Professional repair does not cost as much as you might think… Shelling out for your insurance excess and inevitable insurance premium hike can often cost more than if you had come straight to Auto Medicsbody repair specialists in High Wycombe.

Paintwork Repair High Wycombe

Our car body repair shop in High Wycombe boasts fully qualified and skilled paint work technicians available to repair paint work damage caused accidentally or by vandals throwing stones or bricks, scraping with keys or spraying graffiti.

For SMART repairs such as paint work damage, we offer a mobile service, which means we come to a place convenient to you at an agreed time.  We ensure we will use the right method to have your car paint work looking as good as new and where paint work is required our technicians ensure an exact colour match.

Should you find yourself in need of a paint work expert at competitive, affordable prices, get in touch with Auto Medics, paint work repair specialists in High Wycombe, call us on 01494 533 534.