It’s that time of year again when the nights start getting longer and the days shorter, when the rain pours down and leaves spill across the roads making it easier to slip and slide, before long the icy mornings will be upon us and the gritters will be out; that’s why the Auto Medics team are here to get your alloy wheels prepared before winter sets in.

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels High Wycombe

In order to keep the roads safe on those frosty mornings in rush hour, the roads need to be salted to help prevent accidents when these icy conditions hit. The trouble is all that salt is lethal on your alloys causing galvanic corrosion, which presents itself when salt gets into stone chips, cracks, kerb damage etc and proceeds to corrode your alloys at a fast pace.

You can protect your alloy wheels from the effects of winter before the frost sets in. Clean your wheels thoroughly and protect them with an appropriate wheel sealant. Continue to clean your alloys on a regular basis (let’s say weekly) throughout the winter months with a gentle wheel cleaner, ensuring there’s no salt from the roads or brake dust left on your wheels.

For alloy wheels that have kerb damage or stone chips it’s worth considering alloy wheel refurbishment, which is a lot more cost effective than having to pay out for new alloy wheels. The team at Auto Medics are experienced in bringing alloy wheels back from the brink and we even specialise in diamond cut alloys.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment High Wycombe

Auto Medics are specialists in alloy wheel refurbishment, we repair wheels with significant damage, restoring them to the highest possible standard in and around High Wycombe. We ensure our prices are competitive and our service friendly and professional. If you’re looking for first class alloy wheel refurbishment before winter sets in, get in touch with us on 01494 533 534.

Diamond Cut Alloys High Wycombe

diamond-cut-alloys-high-wycombeDiamond Cut Alloys have become increasingly popular, offering a unique look and the perfect finish for your alloy wheels. Here at Auto Medics, High Wycombe, we want to help those keen on improving the performance and appearance of their car to understand how these alloys can benefit their vehicle.

To create a diamond cut alloy a small amount of the alloy is machined off to produce a “diamond cut” finish using a highly accurate (and expensive) diamond tipped lathe.The alloy is then lacquered to prevent corrosion and to further enhance the look. If you look at an alloy closely you can identify most types of diamond cut finish if the appearance of the alloy is very shiny and you can see very fine lines or a rainbow type visual effect produced by the cutting machine.

Benefits of Diamond Cut Alloys

  • Diamond Cut Alloys allow for the ultimate personalisation of your vehicle; our skilled technicians work with you to understand the customisation required before personalising to your specifications.
  • In order for your car to really stand out from the crowd these days it’s important to consider colour. Remember to make the shiny face stand out most wheels have a background colour on the other parts of the wheel.  Diamond cutting can offer variety with shades such as silver or grey to enhance the appearance further.
  • Light weight alloys enhance the process of braking and accelerating; braking becomes easier and acceleration effortless.
  • Manufacturers have designed the wheels to ensure the composition of diamond cut alloys also improves the long term performance of your vehicle, making for a smoother drive throughout the life of the vehicle.

To ensure you get the best possible look and performance it is important you look after them and get any damage repaired before it can deteriorate and compromise either.

Diamond Cut Finish High Wycombe

At Auto Medics, we are firm believers that a diamond cut finish is the finest you can get; we offer precision machine cutting to ensure a perfect result every time and our experienced technicians are trained to the highest standards.

If you like to stay ahead of the game when it comes to the appearance and performance of your car then lightweight diamond cut alloys are likely to be your preferred choice. If you would like advice or assistance on maintaining them at their peak performance please feel free to contact us or pop in.

For further information and advice on diamond cut alloys for your vehicle, get in touch with the team at Auto Medics – alloy wheel specialists in High Wycombe – simply contact us on 01494 533 534 and speak to one of our friendly technicians.

Wheel and Tyre Packages at Auto Medics High Wycombe

tyre and wheel packages high wycombeAt this time of year it is particularly important to remember that neglecting to maintain and check your tyres can reduce the handling of a car’s grip on the road. Poorly worn tyres reduce your car’s performance and with wet, icy road conditions increase your chances of skidding, endangering the lives of you, your passengers and other road users.

At Auto Medics, we urge all drivers to conduct regular tyre checks, focussing on the:

  • Overall condition of the tyres on your car, including inner and outer sidewalls
  • Tyre tread depth
  • Tyre pressure of each of your tyres
  • Signs of irregular wear
  • Your spare tyre

Remember your insurance company will not pay out if you are involved in an accident and there’s evidence your tyres were not road worthy, not to mention the fine of up to £2500 and three points on your licence (per illegal tyre) should you be pulled over by a law enforcement officer.

Winter can also be harsh on your alloy wheels, salt from the roads can cause galvanic corrosion. Here are a couple of pointers to help protect your wheels from winter inflicted damage:

  • Before winter sets in thoroughly clean and protect your wheels with an appropriate sealant.
  • Regularly clean your alloy wheels in winter months with a non-aggressive wheel cleaner. Removing all traces of road salt or brake dust, which will accelerate corrosion during winter months.

While we are experts in alloy wheel refurbishment and are capable of repairing wheels that are often considered beyond repair by their owners, we are also offering special deals this winter on those requiring new wheels and tyres.  As posted on Facebook, if you’re looking to completely transform your wheels and tyres get in touch with Auto Medics on 01494 533 534 to discuss our special rates.

Are your Alloy Wheels Winter Ready?

alloy wheel refurbishment high wycombeWinter will be here in the blink of an eye, so we, at Auto Medics – alloy wheel refurb specialists High Wycombe, felt it was our duty to give you the heads up on how to prepare your wheels for those cold winter months.

Alloy Wheels High Wycombe

The problem with winter is the need to salt roads to avoid cars skidding and sliding in icy conditions. Great from a safety perspective, but brutal on your alloys; causing long lasting damage in the form of galvanic corrosion.

Galvanic corrosion typically affects alloy wheels with stone chips or kerb damage and proceeds rapidly to corrode the alloy when salt from the road presents itself.

There are several ways that can help protect your alloys from salty roads in winter:

  • Prior to winter ensure your alloys are thoroughly cleaned and protected with an appropriate wheel sealant.
  • Take time to clean your alloy wheels regularly (at least weekly) in the winter months with a non-aggressive wheel cleaner. You want to ensure that no trace of road salt or brake dust remains, which helps to accelerate corrosion during the ice cold months.
  • If you have sustained kerb damage of substantial stone chips to your alloys but want to avoid shelling out for new ones consider alloy wheel refurbishment; you would be surprised at the damage we can rectify to ensure wheels look as good as new again.
Alloy Wheel Refurbishment High Wycombe

At Auto Medics – car body shop High Wycombe, we specialise in alloy wheel refurbishment, repairing wheels that have sustained damage in the form of stone chips, kerbing and corrosion.  Our expert team work to restore alloy wheels to the highest possible standard and they will also help to advise you on how to protect your alloys throughout a cold, frosty winter.

We recognise that alloy wheels are a significant investment and how personal they are to those that really care about their cars; that’s why we keep our prices competitive and the quality of our alloy wheel refurbishment first class.

If you are looking for alloy wheel refurbishment High Wycombe, get in touch with the friendly, professional team at Auto Medics before winter sets in. Drop us a line on 01494 533 534 or pop in and see us; we will assess the damage to your alloy wheels and provide a no obligation quote to refurbish them.

Alloy Wheel Considerations

alloy wheel refurbishment high wycombeAs any car enthusiast knows, wheels are one of the best features available to add a personalised touch to your car.

Auto Medics – car body repair shop in High Wycombe – have provided some tips to help you decide on the best type of alloy wheels for your motor.

Alloy Wheels

Choosing to fit alloy wheels to your car will not only give your vehicle its own unique look but they will also offer the following benefits too:

  • Fast suspension performance
  • Enhanced acceleration
  • Improved handling

With a massive range of styles available out there, it can be a difficult decision to choose the wheels you want to enhance the look of your motor. Top considerations when purchasing alloy wheels include:

  • Work out what you can afford and intend to spend on alloy wheels
  • Know your car and take time to look at which styles are right for your car; considerations include:
    • Split rim or single piece alloy trims
    • Size
    • Lines and curves
    • Colour
    • Finish
  • Avoid choosing bigger size alloys, these can add strain to your brakes and alter the handling of your car or with wheels that are too small, you potentially position your car too low to the ground
  • From a practical position consider the type of driving you do from day to day:
    • Regularly drive in heavy traffic? Then a light alloy trim will help reduce pressure on brakes during those stop-start journeys
    • Looking to improve acceleration and cornering? Look to have wider rim wheels fitted for better handling
  • Fit alloys that have a finish which suits your car and requirements; while super stylish, a glossy or mirrored finish can be high maintenance, while a matt finish often proves popular due to their ability to mask scratches and blemishes.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment High Wycombe

Once you have found the perfect alloy wheels for your motor you’ll be keen to keep them in pristine condition, that’s where we at Auto Medics come in, if inevitably you find kerb damage or corrosion starts to take its toll.

At our car body shop in High Wycombe, we specialise in alloy wheel refurbishment, which is a fast and effective way of restoring your wheels to the best possible condition. Our experts refurbish, colour change and repair alloy wheels of a variety of styles and for almost any vehicles.

If you are looking for advice or specialists in alloy wheel refurbishment in High Wycombe, contact the Auto Medics specialist accident repair centre on 01494 533 534 for a free, no obligation quote.