Are your Alloy Wheels Winter Ready?

And so it begins… the frosty mornings spent de-icing cars and de-misting windows before carefully navigating the icy roads near Beaconsfield to avoid slipping and sliding all over the place. It won’t be long before temperatures plummet and the gritters come out in force, which is why you need to ensure your alloy wheels are prepared to prevent corrosion setting in and causing damage.

To keep road users safe it is inevitable they must be gritted in sub-zero weather conditions, the sad truth is the damage salt can do to your pristine alloys. Grit from the roads can cause galvanic corrosion when the salt gets into cracks or chips present in your alloys.

Alloy Wheels Beaconsfield

To protect your wheels make sure you clean your wheels thoroughly and protect them with an appropriate sealant. It’s advisable to regularly clean your wheels during winter with a gentle wheel cleaner to ensure you remove brake dust or salt from the roads.

To prevent corrosion in chipped or kerbed alloy wheels, alloy wheel refurbishment can have your wheels looking as good as new and remove the damage that alloys grit and salt to creep in and allow the process of corrosion to develop. In the long term alloy wheel refurbishment  this removes the necessity for you to purchase a new set of alloys due to extensive damage or corrosion. And alloy wheel refurbishment is far more cost effective than having to buy a new set of alloy wheels.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment near Beaconsfield

The team at Auto Medics are experts in alloy wheel refurbishment and diamond cutting alloy wheels. Before you decide to replace your wheels it’s always worth dropping in on us at our body shop near Beaconsfield to establish what we can do for you. We restore alloy wheels to the highest possible standard at customer friendly prices. So, for first class alloy wheel refurbishment near Beaconsfield get in touch with us on 01494 533 534.