Diamond Cut Wheel Refurbishment near Marlow

diamond cut wheel refurbishment near marlowAt Auto Medics, we are experts in diamond cut wheel refurbishment near Marlow. These days many new cars come fitted with diamond cut wheels and as a result wheels with a diamond cut finish have become a highly sort after feature.

Diamond Cut Alloys Marlow

For anyone seeking diamond cut wheels in Marlow, let us give you a brief overview of the process. The diamond cutting process requires precision and as a result the process takes much longer than powder coating and requires the use of a diamond tipped lathe. Diamond cutting requires a thin layer of alloy to be removed from the wheel using our specialist lathe. Lacquer is then applied to the wheel to prevent corrosion. As a result of removing layers of alloy from the wheel there is a limit to the number of times diamond cut wheels can be refurbished. Diamond cutting is usually limited to once or twice and therefore our expert Auto Medics technicians will always assess wheels before carrying out work. This is to ensure wheels won’t be compromised or weakened by diamond cut wheel refurbishment.

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Diamond cut wheels are usually easily spotted by the fine lines created by the diamond tipped lathe and the appearance is often shiny like the back of a CD.

Diamond Cut Wheel Refurbishment Marlow

At Auto Medics near Marlow, we are one of the only auto repair shops in the area with the specialist equipment and expertise to provide you with the highest quality finish at customer friendly prices. For more information or to book your motor in for our diamond cut wheel refurbishment near Marlow get in touch with Auto Medics on 01494 533 534.