Pothole Damage High Wycombe

potholes high wycombeDrivers in and around High Wycombe are having to be extra cautious when driving due to the increase in the number of potholes and the damage they have been causing to cars of late.

Potholes have been responsible for significantly affecting the performance of motor vehicles and reducing safety. Causing damage to the suspension and steering components as well as tyres and wheels, if you hit a pothole, and let’s be honest it’s difficult to avoid doing so down certain roads these days, it’s time to inspect your wheels for signs of damage.

Here are the signs to look out for when you conduct your inspection for pothole damage:

  • Bulging in the sidewalls of your tyres
  • Dents, leaks and rusting
  • Axle and suspension failure
  • Vibration or deflation of your tyres

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment High Wycombe

At Auto Medics, we specialise in pothole damage repair. We are experts in alloy wheel refurbishment in High Wycombe and will repair wheels that have been curbed, stone chipped or corroded to the highest possible standard. Our qualified team refurbish, colour change and repair alloy or steel wheels for most types of vehicles.

Car Tyres High Wycombe

If you’ve sustained pothole damage to your tyres and suspect you need replacements, at Auto Medics, we also supply and fit tyres at our car body shop in High Wycombe. Bring your car in to us and we’ll check your tyres over and assess the damage, to let you know whether your tyres need replacing.

Car Body Shop High Wycombe

For pothole damage repair in High Wycombe ranging from alloy wheel refurbishment to tyre replacement and fitting, don’t despair; get in touch with Auto Medics today on 01494 533 534. We will assess the damage to your car and provide a free, competitive, no obligation quote.